cadavre exquis

You get an e-mail with a photograph from someone unknown to you via the Blaue Ampel. Now you have one day to find a photographic answer. This can be given by referring to the content or style of the picture or the details. You send your answer to the Blaue Ampel. From there your answer will be forwarded to the next participant who will not know you. The series that is created in this way will be shown at the finissage. Do you have time and would you like to participate???

If you would like to participate
Simply send an e-mail via the form to the Blaue Ampel.
Date on which you participate
After starting a new action you will get a time window for your contribution.
Participation reminder
One day before your mission you will receive a reminder email.
Sending the picture
The photograph will be sent to you on your first day at 07:00
Sending the reply
Send your 1200pix wide (72dpi) photograph to us by 19:00 of the last day.
The publication takes place after receipt of the last contribution on the homepage or on an event of the Blaue Ampel.

You can access the previous dialogs here. Click on a picture.

Exhibition “Stille Post” (2019)
Exhibition “Stille Post” (2019)