photographic dialogue

A dialogue is an exchange of ideas in speech and counter-talk on a certain topic. In the first stage, contact is established and usually the basic mood of the dialogue is determined. Then the actual topic is discussed. In the course of the dialogue there are misunderstandings or confirmations regarding content, form and emotion which lead to information being exchanged. If this process is considered sufficiently completed, the end of the dialogue is initiated by a termination offer.

In this project we are looking for interested parties who would like to enter into a photographic dialogue. Two or more people team up for this purpose. The first person sends a photo to which the next dialogue partner replies with his or her own photo. This should reference to the previous photo, be it in form or content. Thus the dialogue partners alternate. Ideally, series, stories evolve.

An acquaintance, an exchange only by way of pictures. If you are interested in such a dialogue, you can contact us here by e-mail. We would then contact you and find a dialogue partner.

You can access the previous dialogs here. Click on a picture.

Monika von Wegerer / Thilo Seibt (2012)
Gabriel Janach / Karl Förster (2019)